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Fiercely Beautiful – Red Hot II

Ask yourself a simple but powerful question : Are you comfortable in your own skin? Have you been bullied into being so self-conscious that just because you look different you feel you need to fit in? Unafraid of championing alternative views of beauty with a unique core message: “Be proud of who you are”, photographer Thomas Knights and British Designer Elliott James Frieze join forces to create the second part of the  internationally acclaimed RED HOT Campaign- Red Hot II. Renowned for pushing boundaries and creating dialogue in the ever-changing fashion industry, whilst raising funds for charitable causes. Celebrating t...
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Red Hot II Press Lunch @ nHow Hotel Rotterdam

Prior to the launch of the Red Hot II Exhibition on 3rd September, photographer Thomas Knights, British Designer Elliot James Frieze and nHow Hotel Rotterdam hosted a press lunch for 26 press and red head models at the hotel. A red theme is definitely running through the lunch, with creative and beautiful presentations of dishes created with red-related ingredients.     The cosy lunch was a preview of what was about to come later in the evening, and a nice get together for international press and beautiful redhead models who was featured in the exhibition.
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Less is More

Looking for something interesting to do in December in Europe? If you are into art, exhibition or photography, here’s one for you that you should not miss. World known photographer Rankin will be presenting an exhibition of his work at the Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany.  Featuring early imagery from his time as a co-founder of Dazed & Confused all the way through to his more experimental contemporary work, Less is More celebrates a career spent challenging the status quo. Rankin has always seen photography as a way to stimulate conversation, something accessible for everybody to understand and love.     “We now live in a worl...
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Music + Insta-photo = Tunepics

I have to admit, when it comes to social media and gadgets, I’m relatively slower. I didn’t get onto instagram until very recently..and I’ve only been introduced to a new app that is just brilliant. I’m a person who cannot live without any music at any moment when I’m awake. So when I learnt about this new app, I was so thrilled that now finally there is a way I can express my feeling with a photo and a song that was on my mind at that moment! So this app, which I’m currently quite addicted to, is called Tunepics. In short, it is like instagram, but you can add a clip of a song that you can search on itunes’ mega song libr...
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You’re invited! Take a tour into the fashion world of Jean Paul Gaultier

"I'm still alive" says Jean Paul Gaultier. If you're a fashion fan, or has a passion in fashion, you must be know who is Jean Paul Gaultier… or there must be something reminds you of Jean Paul Gaultuer… (the cone-bra that Madmoiselle Madonna wore…? anyone?? ) so last Sunday, I took a trip to Barbican Art Gallery (my first time there honestly..) to see the exhibition "The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk".  "London for me, is a very special place", he says in his introduction about this exhibition. The exhibition includes a very good selection of Gaultier's very best and iconic pieces, i...