Ubisoft has outlined its complete year 1 plan for The Division 2 which includes three new episodes of post-launch content. The company first announced The Division 2 in 2018 and the game released in March 2019. Set in Washington D.C. The Division 2 picks up where its predecessor left off: in a world devastated by a re-engineered version of smallpox. The U.S. is on the verge of collapse and players take on the role of sleeper agents to restore order.

The launch of The Division 2 wasn’t without its issues particularly with a bug that affected player skills but compared to other MMOs its release was generally well-received and easily superior to the other live service looter shooters on the market. After receiving player feedback about the first game in the franchise Ubisoft focused its early development efforts on The Division 2’s endgame with a plan to release three DLC packs throughout its first year that are free for players who own the game.

The Division 2 recently saw the addition of its first Raid Operation Dark Hours alongside Title Update 3 which allowed eight players to team up select the best synergy of gear and skills and tackle the most difficult challenge in the game to earn some exclusive rewards for their Agents. Title Update 3 also fixed a ton of the game’s known bugs.

The first episode will be out in July 2019 and called D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions. Once you download this you get to go into Expedition modes to explore Trinity College and take part in weekly events. You’ll also be looking around the areas around Washington D.C. to find the Outcasts’ leader.

Pentagon: The Last Castle will be out in Fall 2019. This will include the next eight-player raid for The Division 2. It also rather obviously takes you to an occupied version of the Pentagon.Coney Island is the third stop for Year 1. That’s when The Division 2 will go to a fanciful area turned dangerous. It will appear in early 2020.

It’s good news that Ubisoft is keeping to their word about having a specific endgame in mind for The Division 2. This new content will give players something to do beyond the main campaign and fix some of the problems that many players had with the first title in the franchise.