PUBG’s troubles seem far from over in India and internationally as people keep petitioning to ban the game. Parents and others in India have asked for a ban on the game to which the authorities in Rajkot in the state of Gujarat listened to following which there was an outcry by the parents in the UAE as well. A ban was imposed on the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile in India after claims of negative effects on underage persons which has since been taken off. Following which the game has been banned in the Himalayan state of Nepal because it concerned authorities and parents. And now the authorities in Iraq are reportedly on their way to banning the game considering it a threat to the minds of young people.

After the recent reports of a PUBG ban being taken up at the Iraqi Parliament where a draft law was submitted stating that PUBG is having a corrupting influence on the minds people. The game has now been banned in the country making it the fourth country to impose a ban on the game. The Iraqi parliamentary committee submitted the draft on Saturday asking for a ban of the game which was passed and now the game along with Fortnite is banned in the country. According to a Reuters report the games have been banned “due to the negative effects caused by some electronic games on the health culture and security of Iraqi society including societal and moral threats to children and youth.”

Iraq has struggled for several decades under UN sanctions and dictatorial rule under Saddam Hussein the United States’s invasion in 2003 and subsequent civil war and the fight against Islamic State commonly referred to as ISIS. The country suffers from corruption and struggles to provide basic services like water and electricity to its population. Young people in particular are experiencing very high levels of unemployment

The new bill banning PUBG Fortnite and other similar games met with discontent on Iraqi social media where users criticized the lawmakers for having set sights on the wrong targets. Since first convening the Iraqi Parliament has only passed one other piece of legislation their 2019 federal budget.

Reaction to the ban was widely negative according to the report but not because people are angry that they can’t play Fortnite. They may be but the real issue is that Iraqis apparently see the ban as a emblematic of the government’s misplaced priorities: While Iraq continues to struggle with sectarian violence inadequate infrastructure and political instability the country’s parliament has only managed to pass one piece of legislation since sitting in September 2018 a 2019 federal budget law that was passed in January.

Recently the Rajkot police have written to Google requesting the company to prevent downloads of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUGB Mobile) from the Play Store in the jurisdiction of Rajkot city. “We have said we have banned this so if possible if in any IP of this area they are downloading the game then we have said stop it if you can,” the Rajkot police commissioner Manoj Agrawal told Firstpost.