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I am soooooo touched by all the special clips I received from friends, family, celebs friends!  THANK YOU all for supporting my new baby ‘GRACE LAM STYLE’ web-series launching on Youtube, Weibo, Instagram, Youku tomorrow 14th May (Mother’s Day)!  A special BIG thank you to super star from China Chris Li Yu Chun (李宇春), new gen Supermodel He Cong (贺聪),  art photographer/film director Wing Shya,  former Miss HK/actress/mum Liz Lee (李美鳳), HK Supermodel QiQi (琦琦), Cara G& Janet Ma (馬詩慧) and all my fashionista friends from Tatler HK fashion director Justine,  my Upper House hotel family esp the General Manager Marc...
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Pascal Anson

My good friend from London Mr Pascal Anson came to visit HK recently.  Pascal is a brilliant Product Designer/Artist.  He came to HK to teach at HK Design Institute for a week and helped 50 fine art students to create a light show by using very simple everyday unwanted or rubbish material.  Pascal has done many great design collaborations. He graduated from London’s most prestigious art college ‘Royal College of Art’ and his design was seen on London Olympic British Airways planes.  The HKDI project is called ‘Open Light’.  Check out Pascal’s new book too called ‘Ordinary Made Extraordinary’.  Its too creative and w...
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Wonderful guy – Mr.Shawn Yue

Last week my photographer husband Jason has his Sydney crew over in HK. His photographer mate Chris was shooting HK actor 余文樂 Shawn Yue for an advert so we went on set visit. We also brought our son BBT. Previously, 樂仔 and I worked together many times for VOGUE China and he is such a fun & lovely guy.  BBT for sure liked Uncle Shawn a lot bcoz Uncle Shawn kept feeding him snacks haha.
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