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DFS Macau biggest Masters Of Time watch event DEC

Thank You to DFS for inviting me to co-host my very own ‘Styling Workshop’ in Macau for your ‘Masters Of Time’ biggest watch event in Asia!  It was such a fun wkend away from my Omen Child son haha! There were amazing and unique watches from different brands with watches cost from thousands and up to 3 million HKD! I had the pleasure to work with the best and most organized DFS team and also met with the brilliant New York based French pastry chef Francois Payard & Whisky expert Charlie Beamish from London.  It was great to share my pesonal stories with editors/bloggers/press media about my relationships with watches and di...
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My second Upper House talk with hair stylist Mark Bustos

These days people are busy.  No many people stop to help others but not this young man!  New York based renowned hair stylist Mark Bustos is the stylist for the rich & famous (Phillip Lim is a fan & his long time customer).  At weekend, Mark goes around NYC to give free haircuts to homeless people to give back to the community!  I met Mark on Instagram when friends introduced me to his IG page and instantly I was very touched by his unconditional love to help others so I got in contact with him and we met up in HK.  Mark is the Founder of ‘Be Awesome To Somebody’ movement and a Humanitarian Leader.  What a great guy!  Ch...
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