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SaiKung 西貢 HK new cafe MUST GO!

People come and go in my life.  Some people I wish I never met as they give out negative vibes & bad energy! Such a waste of my time!!! . I was lucky enough to meet my assistant Gum gum 12 years ago.  I just moved from London to Shanghai for VOGUE CHINA as their Senior Fashion Style Editor and I was shooting a lot in HK.  I never worked in HK so I didnt know many people.  I trained Gum Gum to be one of the best & most responsible fashion assistants in HK.  These days its hard to find young peope that are willing to work and work hard!  She is def my lucky star and my good loyal friend.  I am mega proud of her and BIG CONGR...
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This is MY Hong Kong guide!

Check out my new travel & fashion story for Conde Nast Traveller (Middle East Edition) about my home HONG KONG!! so fun shooting with my husband Jason & the best A team from HK!! Photographer:  Jason Capobianco. Stylist:  Grace Lam. Mkup:  Kathy Chow. Hair:  Dickey Blue. Model:  Tina T @model one. Snapchat:   gracelamf1 . . Instagram:  @gracelamstyle  @gracelamf1  @jasoncapobiancophotography  @kathychow  @dickeybluehairstyling  @condenasttravellerME    
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Calvin Klein Shopping Event Today!!

I am hosting my second Calvin Klein Personal Shopping/Styling event at IFC mall today! Come have fun with me and enjoy 20% special shopping discount as my guest for ONE NIGHT ONLY!! Bring friends and family! Everyone is welcome! Cool, stylish & modern leather bags for men and women! something for everyone!! Snapchat:  gracelamf1 Instagram:  gracelamstyle  
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Mary Katrantzou in HK

London mega fashion designer Mary Katrantzou was in HK for JOYCE.  It was wicked catching up with her again as last time we met it was with London ShowRoom X Vogue China when I helped organizing our HK tea party.  I was not a mom then but few years later my son Theo is already 14 mths! Time flies! Me sporting culottes by Johanna Ho, heels by Balenciaga, shirt by Mary Katrantzou at JOYCE, jewellery by Joomi Lim, bay by Johanna Ho X Rabeanco Instagram:  @gracelamf1  @hojojo  @marykatrantzou  @joycehk  @rabeanco  @joomilim
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Hong Kong I LUV U

Late post due to technical issues on my blog.  Its better late than never. I like to pay respect to these BRAVE young Hong Kong students & protesters. I am not a religious person but I hope whoever up there will protect these protesters all the way.
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