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Charity Xmas Reading Event with Christian Louboutin x Mother’s Choice

Being a parent is the hardest thing I have ever done!  I cannot imagine how much harder it is to be a single mom raising a kid.  Yesterday I collaborated again with French international brand Christian Louboutin in aid of Mother’s Choice! We were raising money for single moms in HK and I had the pleasure of doing a first reading for children that came to participate! We were also celebrating Christian’s first fairytale book launch for 22 DEC!!!  It was a great turn out and everyone had so much fun and kids ate too many candies haha. . Instagram:  @gracelamstyle   @gracelamf1  @louboutinworld . Snapchat:  gracelamf1 . www...
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Day 4 Kyoto 京都 Japan Vacation 2016

Kyoto 京都 one of my fav city as it has so many traditions & some of the best Japanese restaurants in Japan.  Last time I came to Kyoto was 7 years ago with my husband but we were just dating then.  How time flies! This time we stayed at a fairly new boutique hotel (Aoi Kyoto) right in the centre of town but it was hidden in a small building right by the river.  Dont let the subtle small entrance fool you cos this little hidden cute boutique hotel has pretty big room with great facilities.  Defo worth staying there! The day we arrived in Kyoto it was their Kyoto big festival.  The city was full of Japanese traditional costu...
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Day 2 Teshima, 豊島 Japan Vacation 2016

I have travelled to many places in my life but somehow its always a great pleasure to re-visit Japan as this country has many interesting places to explore.  I visited Teshima 豊島 on my second day.  Teshima island is also part of the Setouchi Triennale art festival which is only held once every three years in the region.  Many fun & unique art installations all over the island.  For me the most memorable piece was inside the Teshima Art Museum (豊島美術館, Teshima Bijitsukan) designed by architect is Ryue Nishizawa.  A massive concrete dome situated in the middle of a rice field and as you entered the dome people were ...
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