Jason Capobianco – father of my child! He really is indeed the BEST dad & husband in the whole universe & Im not just saying this for social media sake!!


- He helps out around the house

- He cooks amazing & yummy meals

- He wakes up as much as I do to check on our son BBT at nite

- He wakes up early to take care of BBT & let me sleep longer

- He works hard

- He doesnt pretend to be a ‘Good Instagram Dad’ ever!!

- He loves Formula One as much as I do

- He laughs at my silly jokes



Also Happy Father’s Day to my late dad who’s up in the sky somewhere & my Father-In-Law Elio.


Instagram:  @jasoncapobiancophotography   @gracelamstyle  @jasoncapobianco  @gracelamf1


YouTube:  Grace Lam (search Grace Lam Style episode 1)


Snapchat:  gracelamf1





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